With Learmoreapp.com, you will discover everyday a list of new websites in a specific domain. Like Wikipedia list of most popular websites which is more generic, or this big list per category, Learmoreapp team will study deeply some hidden or unknown sites but really very interesting and bring them to you, so you can enjoy and save time.

Group of sites discovered so far by our team:

Websites for kids

They are websites for children and teenage about education, games, preschooler games and learning. You will discover cool, fun but safe websites that you can visit right away.

Websites for kid games

This blog will bring you lot of information and news about amazing online gaming websites to discover. Most of those gaming websites discovered are free and well designed and most importantly for educational purpose for preschoolers and college kids.

Websites for clothes

Many people use only one or two clothes shopping websites. In this section of the blog, we will discover together more online trendy stores for clothing and the best ones. Stay tuned.

Websites for architecture

The hardest part for architecture is to find reliable resources online. That is why we will discover in this section the top websites for architecture for student, professional and even for big firms.

Websites for cheap hotels

There are lots of travel websites out there, but not all of them propose cheap hotels. In this part, we will list you many websites for cheap hotels to visit when you are planning your vacations.

Websites for cheap clothes

Websites for clothes are great, but for many of us, websites for cheap clothes are better 😉. In fact, we are going to see in this section the list of less expensive (but good quality) websites to buy cheap clothes.

We are working harder to extend this list, we hope you will enjoy your reading and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestion for new websites to study.