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May 20, 2016 learnmoreadmin

Buy One Give One

We believe that the LearnMore App belongs in our educational system, helping to teach and inspire kids about the science of each invention and discovery along with the history and story of each inventor in a fun, interactive and enjoyable way. We want to get the game into as many schools and educational organizations as we can.

We’re giving away copies of LearnMore App posters to schools. Come be a part of getting these exciting augmented reality learning experiencesin the hands of educators all across the country!

Help us get the LearnMore App in front of today’s students by simply purchasing the full size poster. For every poster you purchase we will donate another poster to a school or educational organization.

For every poster you buy on Kickstarter, we will donate 1 poster to a school nominated by fans like you and voted on by backers like you.

Here’s how this works:

  1. As a backer you can nominate a school of your choice using our nomination form (we’ll send it out in a future update). As part of the nomination, write a short note explaining why this school or organization is deserving (this can be about the teachers, students, etc).
  2. We will post the nominations in a public forum so that all our backers can have access to the information.
  3. When the campaign ends we will ask each of our backers to vote for their top 5 schools from all the nominations listed.
  4. We will select the top vote getters and send them high quality prints of the posters once they are released.

Note: This will only go into affect should the campaign fund successfully.

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