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November 8, 2013 learnmoreadmin

Types of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an expertise that adds a computer-assisted contextual layer of information over the real world creating an augmented or enhanced reality. Its elements are augmented by a computer generated sensory such as graphics, video, sound or GPS data. With the help of advanced augmented reality, information about the surrounding real world becomes digitally manipulative and interactive.

Common types of augmented reality

Object Recognition Augmented Reality or Marker based AR: It is a type of augmented reality that uses a camera and a visual marker designed to the content that a marketer wants to present. Marker in a way looks like a QR code, but today, it does not really have to carry as much information as QR code.
The main purpose includes:
  • Providing the location of a source file
  • Providing visual feedback to the camera connected to a computer to position the markings in 3D space and the card.
The primary purpose of augmented marker has more to do with providing the visual feedback to the camera. The viewer holds up to the camera to see the augmented reality in action. This type of augmented reality is used often used for architectural and engineering visualization. An app can recognize the shapes and objects to display animation and information.

Image-based Augmented Reality also known as Markerless AR or Picture Recognition AR

Car AR, Image, ARThis type of augmented reality is often used in print materials for education or marketing purposes. It is fundamentally similar to marker based augmented reality as the major difference from a consumer perspective, is that the object’s surface is superimposed, and does not have to have a high contrast QR like code to identify the position of the surface in third space. Just like its name, this type of augmented reality uses graphics instead of marker. As a result of this, its implementation and use is easier: marketers can present their augmented reality ads using graphics, and consumers can view them with a lot of ease. This helps in focusing the eye of the consumer on the object rather than on the marker, and it tends to be more attractive. It allows implementation of augmented reality on existing images without necessarily modifying them. The free form of nature of the marker provides customization options that could be exploited by a sharp marketing team. When users point at a picture, the app recognizes the picture and displays information and the animations they choose.
An example of a marker-less augmented reality in action is the vision features of Berry and Jerry in its iPhone app. Viewers point the cameras of their iPhones at the lid of one of the qualifying pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and after sometime, they are staring at the lid with an odd 3D image on top of it.
Location based augmented reality
Bases on triangulation location or detailed GPS, the camera view, the augmented system of a device can overlay precise information over people or buildings as you move through real space. Smartphone Augmented Reality apps like Googles which are free apps for Android phones, and layar, which are free apps for android and apple devices allow users to point their smartphones in any direction, look trough the camera viewers and reveal information on what they see.Location AR, AR, Map
Yelp’s Monocle app is a good example of this kind of augmented reality application. Users shake their iPhones three times and Monocle activates. Using their phone’s GPS systems, and compasses, Monocle displays information about local restaurants with their reviews and ratings on the cell phone screens of the viewers. You can touch one of the listings to find out more about a particular restaurant.

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