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November 9, 2013 learnmoreadmin

What is Augmented Reality and the Learn More App?

Augmented reality is a type of object, shape or location recognition technology, providing the end user with a direct or indirect view of elements brought to life with computer generated sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

What is AR?

Marketing Appeal in Augmented Reality

Tayler, ARMany companies have already started taking advantage of augmented realty’s endless applications and more are following, quickly. Advertising and marketing is a popular use for this application and rightfully so – you can literally market, interact and sell, right on a phone or tablet. The Philadelphia Eagles use it to deliver highlights, previews, and statistics to fans by have using their smartphones to scan tickets while the New York Giants created an app which can give fans their own virtual Super Bowl rings. Lincoln uses augmented reality to display a new vehicle on the show room floor before the vehicle has arrived in a totally interactive manner.


Augmented Reality Educates

AR, Educate, HeartBut what about education, health care, automotive repair, computer repair and so on? STAR WALK, an iPhone application, uses augmented reality to see and view more than 200,000 celestial bodies and additional information about each body – a very engaging and interactive application.

You can turn a student’s phone into a digital classroom catered to the interaction of the individual student. Put the Learn More Application in books and provide additional learning, facts and stats. Have fun and hold a digital scavenger hunt, learning more about your surroundings. Surgeons have applied this technology to perform surgery with 3D imagery while museums use it to tell a story. Students can see the inner workings of anything simply by pointing their phone at it – endless Applications.

Navigational Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can also be a useful tool for navigation. A smartphone GPS and camera can be utilized so a driver can watch a real-time preview of where they are going. Drivers are guided by a colored virtual path with easy to understand informational overlays. These overlays can be customized for the user to display any information including traffic alerts, short cuts, rest stops and more. Navigation can be completely hands-free for an emphasis on safety for the driver.

Augment your reality

Augmented reality can also be used to add to your environment. The end user can see what a couch would look like in their living room or what a TV would like on their wall. Try on clothes and see what they look like or preview what a nice set of wheels might look like on your car. The newly developed Meta glasses place holograms in the real world. These holograms look so real, it is almost as if a user can reach out and touch them. In other words, users can experience what it is like to have vision that is just like Iron Man’s. Soon devices like Google Glass could be one way augmented reality is being brought to life in schools. A user simply wears a pair of glasses or goggles, and their realty is transformed.

We Were Made for this

We are the perfect storm-of-a-team that can not only allow you to take advantage of any possibility with augmented reality, but also help present it to your audience. Brought together by a passion to present information in new and innovative ways – we are film makers, graphic animators, 3D modelers, writers and creative story tellers (marketing). Creative development is what we do best with a niche’ for mobile, 3D, virtual and augmented reality.

The goal of augmented reality is to encourage the end user to learn more and that is exactly what Revolution eMedia and the Learn More Application does. Whether you are looking to further your education, get the word out about your product or service, or have a greater real-world experience, augmented reality is the perfect marketing option for anyone looking to present a message with an impact and substantial engagement.

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