10 Online Educational Games Websites For Kids to Not Miss This Year

Studies conducted have concluded the fact that it will be useful to incorporate studies into games, to create a wonderful and exciting learning session. Since children of all ages are more prone to playing games, educational websites for kid games are indeed a fabulous easy way to promote education among them without making the session dull or boring. There have come up numerous gaming portals that do offer high quality games to help children to develop critical thinking, creative thinking and problem-solving skills, but in a naturally motivating and engaging manner.

In the following chapters, we will see the top 10 online educational websites for kids offering fun games that allow your children to train and to play at the same time.

There are lot of other good websites for kids and kid’s games, but we are not able to cover all of them in this article. Anyway, stay tuned as we will publish regularly here the lists of best websites for your children.

For now, let’s start our top10 list for the best online educational websites for kids that you should capture this year 2018. Make sure you take notes and you don’t miss any of them.

  1. Sheppard Software:

It boasts of having top quality games related to every subject, right from preschool to middle school. It is easy and fun to use. Also this website for kid games is very nicely designed and easy to use. Your kids will enjoy when they connect the first time.


  1. Utah Education Network:

There have been curated a good amount of free games from across the web. Each and every game that is linked by this kid’s gaming website has been carefully screened to be safe for children, useful as well as developmentally appropriate.


  1. BrainPOP’s GameUp:

There is present huge selection of games meant for grades 4 to 12 and relevant to science, maths and health. Only the best quality games are linked by the site managers to ensure that the user is able to play the very best games.


  1. BBC UK:

This website from BBC features kid friendly landing page, thus making learning to become fun filled and game like. The schools and preschooler’s games webpage have organized activities through subject area.


  1. ABCya:

This portal has K-5 games related to math and language arts, along with other topics thus offering an exciting learning experience. Also are present huge volumes of games in the form of app that can be downloaded on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


  1. GameStar Mechanic:

Besides offering students with free games, the portal also allows children to create and publish their very own games!


  1. Hooda Math:

This upcoming gaming site has separate section to provide children with interactive whiteboard games. Also are few PDF worksheets meant for some games along with math tutorials exclusively designed for grades 3 to 7.


  1. FunBrain:

This is a popular site among children, who just to visit it repeatedly even after getting an option to play those exciting non-educational games. The online comics and books addition is also equally fabulous.


  1. PBS Kids:

This is a wonderful portal meant for younger children, having plenty of just for fun and educational games that can be sorted by skill and subject area. But few games are premium, requiring subscription payment to be made prior to using them.


  1. IXL:

This website for kid games offers students with the opportunity to practice online different types of math skills which are mostly practice sessions and are timed drills. It does span almost every math concept and skill right from Pre- K to 12 and without involving any charges!


The above are the top 10 websites for kid games which when introduced to your child are sure to help him/her grow a well-educated and smart person. All sessions are quite interesting and also innovative challenging your little one’s thinking abilities.

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We hope this list has been a great help for you and your kids. Stay tuned for next publication on Websites for kid games.