15 Educational and Fun Websites for kids to discover in 2018 and beyond

Kids are to be prepared very early in age and need to be provided with the right and most appropriated training and education. But, the education provided to them should be fun filled and in an interesting manner, so that it does not become complicated and boring. The websites for kids are great tools to supplement the lessons received at school. There have emerged few educational sites that are meant exclusively for kids.

In this article, we are going to see the 15 most educational and fun websites for kids to discover this year and beyond. These websites are highly rated and visited by thousands of parents every day. Your children will not only have fun, but they will benefit from the great educational materials available out there. In the following. Like the Websites for kid games, the following websites combine education training and a bit of games for kids, so your kids will be learning with lot of fun without boring.

  1. Make Me Genius:

This is a fabulous home teaching resource tool which can help your little one to master her/his lessons from the comfort of your home. This website provides sciences educational contents, as well as some jokes for kids, some PowerPoints and videos learning contents and most importantly some tests for your kids.


  1. Funbrain:

This website is considered to be the leading authority, when online educational games for kids from kindergarten level to 8th grade is concerned. The website provides games, reading, playground, videos contents and maths for your kids.


  1. Cool Math:

It features pre-calculus, algebra, pre-algebra lessons and has fun games and cool animations to help your child to master the different principles.


  1. National Geographic Kids:

This portal designed by National Geographic Society is meant for kids to provide them with excellent source of knowledge about our world, ranging from people, to land, animals and plants.


  1. How Stuff Works:

In case, your child has insatiable cravings for more knowledge, more specially about how things work, then this online portal does offer everything with simple explanations.


  1. Jump Start:

This premium site has been designed for both parents and children alike. You can come across lots of educational resources that can help your kid to excel in school.


  1. Scratch:

If your child is fascinated with computers, specifically the programming aspect, then this portal is definitely the best place to be.


  1. ABCYa! :

This portal covers educational games meant for children ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade as well as pre-K category.


  1. Curiosity Machine:

This portal aims towards providing the necessary source to children to create and build new things.


  1. Google Earth:

This is the perfect answer to kids who are eager to travel around the world, without actually requiring spending out precious money or having to leave the home.


  1. Brainscape:

This portal allows the child to create own  flashcards and study and share on any of the web enabled device.


  1. PBS Kids :

This is a popular children’s program aired on the television and now available online. These are kids’ programming episodes, albums, apps, e-books, programming episodes, etc.


  1. Kids Know It:

It is a popular educational site and more of a treasure chest filled with useful resources like educational activities, movies, learning programs, worksheets, games, etc.


  1. Baby TV Video :

This is an online version and provides toddlers with full fun and sensory stimulation. It also has fun activities and TV programming for dads and moms.


  1. Curious World :

It is actually an online supplementary learning resource helping children to master the principles and concepts associated with the learning curriculum.


All those websites for children for education and training have been designed with a specific purpose to help children to get useful resources and knowledge and to emerge a lot better. The above 15 amazing fun and educational portals for children are sure to help your child to move on the correct track towards development.

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